Picture It! Weight Loss

Picture It! Weight Loss is a mobile application for Healthcare Systems helping patients enrolled in medical weight loss programs. As doctors, nurses and health educators, you may only have your patients with you for a few hours a year. Picture It! Weight Loss helps you become part of your patient’s everyday health.

Engage your patient population and improve health outcomes by providing patients an easy-to-use, personalized care plan companion. Health educators are able to provide timely support through a powerful dashboard that identifies patients who need help, so you can deliver support at the right moments. Picture It! helps patients create healthy new behaviors by encouraging:

  • Food Logging & Physical Activity—Picture It!’s Smart Task List captures the habitual routine of a patient’s care plan, prioritizes, reminds, and rewards patients for completing daily to-dos.
  • Shared Goal Setting—Patients co-create action plans with goals that matter to them. They use connected devices to track their progress.
  • Health Education—Quizzes and educational tools reinforce pre-existing knowledge and help patients acquire new knowledge in a highly engaging environment.
  • Positive Communication—Patients interact with other program members and health educators through tightly integrated communication tools.

Are you a healthcare professional interested in Picture It! Weight Loss for patients enrolled in your medically supervised weight loss program?

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