The Obesity & Pre-Bariatric Surgery Digital Care Plan Companion

Designed by experts for your healthcare organization’s bariatric surgery preparation and medically supervised weight loss programs.


Patients With Obesity Get The Support They Need

Your patients with Class III Obesity, with BMI’s of 40 and above, may be:

  • disengaged or demoralized even as they recognize the need to change,
  • perhaps preparing for bariatric surgery,
  • ready to try but need more support than you can give them.

You need Picture It!, a companion app to a 12 week program, offering a daily, digital program of physical activity tracking, weigh-in, food logging, digital coaching and knowledge-building activities.

Picture It! significantly improves self-efficacy and behavior change in adults with severe-obesity over treatment as usual.

Picture It! is built on Ayogo’s Empower Platform™.


How Does It Work?



The user sets goals and creates a custom avatar. Their profile reflects progress through the program.


Educational content is actionable and fun. The Knowledge Centre includes daily games and quizzes. Peer-to-peer education and Choose Your Own Adventure

Narratives provide true-to-life examples and tips for handling difficult issues.


Didja Do-It™ is a smart list of 5 key daily tasks, including food logging, weight tracking, knowledge, community support and physical activity. Designed by experts in habit building, Picture It! includes social features, Loss Aversion mechanics, and notifications, to build daily interaction.


Picture It! has Fitbit and Jawbone integration for seamless tracking and logging.

Supportive Communication

Picture It! supports digital coaching, peer-to-peer support and comment moderation. A Coaching Interface makes communication easy.


Our Coaching Interface Is Customized To Your Workflow

Our technology will not slow down your workflow. We add value by: helping weight loss coaches visualize class participants’ progress; semi-automating messaging; improving communication and helping coaches prioritize their time.

For every client, we work with you to custom build an interface that lets you see what you need to.



Sustain Engagement

In a 3rd party clinical trial, 60% of patients preparing for bariatric surgery engaged more than 2 times every day for 12 weeks. The more they engaged, the more weight they lost and the more prepared they felt to adjust to life after bariatric surgery.

Improve Self-Efficacy

Patients using Picture It! plus treatment as usual had significantly higher knowledge, confidence and self-efficacy than controls receiving treatment as usual alone. They had an increase in 6 desired weight loss behaviors by more than 200% than the control group, as measured by pre and post surveys, app usage and Fitbit device data.

Weight Loss

Over the 12 week program, the engaged group using Picture It! lost an average of 17.3 pounds and the control group lost on average 8 pounds. They lost 2.2x as much weight as the control group receiving Treatment as Usual.


Picture It! User Testimonials

“It was motivating.”

“It was fun and educational.”

“I loved it!”

“I really enjoyed the app. It helped  me visualize my progress, and kept
me accountable.”

“I liked all of it. The simplicity, stories, reminders, [virtual] prizes, the little pushes that got me close to my target. It made me feel good when I
reached goals.”

“The story scenarios [were for people] like me [and] made me think
about choices.”


Want to Know More?

Are you interested in using Picture It! in your Patient Support Program? We’ll answer your questions about how other healthcare organizations use Picture It! to improve their outcomes for clinically-supervised weightloss. Benefit from our lessons learned on how to more effectively prepare and educate patients as part of a bariatric surgery preparation program.

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