The LifePlan™ Platform

LifePlan is designed to improve outcomes through effective shared decision making; structured education; and behavioral science-based goal setting.

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About The LifePlan™ Platform

Ayogo’s SaaS platform, LifePlan, is designed to improve outcomes through effective shared decision making; structured education, and behavioural science-based goal setting. Our unique approach drives engagement and builds trust with and between those you serve, and your clinical staff or coaches. LifePlan is built on a modern platform architecture designed to integrate, and scale across your organization and franchises.

Shared Decision Making

LifePlan’s Decisions Aids are embedded in a best-practices based Shared Decision Making processes that facilitate communication between patients and their care team. LifePlan’s Decision Aids guide individuals through reflecting on their values, goals, lifestyle, and preferences. Assessments gauge an individual’s knowledge and confidence and identify potential barriers to making informed decisions.

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Structured Education

LifePlan will automatically show the right content based on an individual’s knowledge and stage, to meet their unique needs. A structured curriculum is designed to be engaging with relatable stories; videos and interactive activities, and Q&A reflection activities that a user can save to discuss during appointments.

Surveys & Assessments

Digital assessments and surveys are easy to complete, interactive, and generate real-time reports.  It streamlines the process of administering surveys and assessments required by your program. As patients explore their values and home environments through quizzes, they will gain a deeper understanding of how their decisions relate to what matters most in their lives.

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Behavioral Science-based Goal Setting

LifePlan helps you to set and sustain lifestyle-based behavioural changes that improve outcomes. Patients are guided to set their own goals, collaboratively developed with your team, or selected from an expert-designed template. A behavioural science-based design addresses the psychosocial aspects that underline a patient’s ability to adapt to new modes of self-care.

Analytics and Coaching Dashboard

LifePlan’s dashboard for care teams and administrators increases the efficiency of appointment preparation and interactions.  It also uses richer and more detailed analytics to capture your organization’s impact, helps to improve visibility on goal progression, engagement, and personal values for clients. It can tailor coaching programs to fit patient characteristics and assign custom tasks, goals, and educational material. This reduces the reporting burden with automated documentation for shared decision making.

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Creating Value

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Patient Outcomes

Empowering each person to be a more effective participant in their care journey.

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Deep Expertise in Behavioral Science

Ayogo’s technology has driven health-related behaviors and outcomes for over 10 years.

We’ve developed solutions across a wide range of chronic conditions, complex conditions, and challenging populations. Our work has been consistently recognized by the industry as standard-setting for quality and innovation.

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Organizational Impact

Helping organizations achieve transformative results.

check-mark  Increase Revenue

check-mark  Improve Care Team and Coach Productivity

check-mark   Reduce Appointment No-Shows and Cancellations

check-mark   Decreased Costs From Unplanned Hospital Visits

Use Cases

LifePlan for Evidence Based Coaching Programs

Learn how community health and human services organizations are transforming their user experience and increasing engagement by extending their coaching programs into the digital realm, expanding data-driven insights and improving outcomes.

CKD LifePlan

Learn how renal care providers use the LifePlan platform and service to deliver world-class education to patients and caregivers, and provide effective Shared Decision Making (SDM) that leads to significantly higher activation and engagement, and increases the probability of successful planned starts on RRT.

Starling Minds Mental Health Platform and Training

Learn how the Starling Minds’ platform and training delivers highly contextualized, personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and leadership resources to treat stress, burnout, depression and anxiety across the mental health continuum.