Empower patients to take control of their health

Technology has the power to change the way people manage their health. Ayogo’s Empower platform is the fastest way for healthcare organizations to build, scale and deploy patient-centered applications.

  • Use proven techniques to effectively motivate and sustain behavior change
  • Deliver personalized support that fits the needs and interests of the patient
  • Improve communication at scale, between healthcare providers and patients through analytics, decision support and semi-automated messaging


Improve Health Outcomes with


Sustain Engagement

Sustain the healthcare decisions that begin in your office by rewarding the consumer’s good intentions every day. Patients begin a daily practice of self-care that begins as they set goals with their provider, and receive personalized advice from a care-plan disguised as a Digital Coach. Patients feel like “this is just for me”.

Improve Self Efficacy

Empower’s Knowledge Center and Didja Do It? interface build self-efficacy. Patients believe they are capable of managing chronic illness, empowered with new knowledge, that they consolidate through repeated positive experience and peer-validation.

Improve Decision Support

Empower’s Healthcare Provider Interface gives you visibility into how your patients are doing. You can interact socially with the end user, with semi-automated messaging, and receive analytics for decision support.