For ACOs

In an Accountable Care Organization, you are dedicated to delivering patient-centered care that

  • improves the patient experience,
  • avoids costly readmissions and
  • helps patients help themselves.

You’ve heard that mobile devices, health apps and even games can provide new channels for delivering health and you want to learn more about this new kind of patient engagement.
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Smart innovators don’t start from scratch, and neither should you. Patient engagement experts, including those from some of the largest healthcare systems in the United States helped design Empower.

Find out how Ayogo’s Empower platform is delivering health content and habit-formation in a new way: patients engage with their care plans, supported by gamification, social features, communications tools such as notifications and reminders, and even a clinician interface/dashboard. As package, this tool is so effective that it is in a class of treatments called Digital Therapeutics.


  • Reduce readmission
  • Improve self-efficacy for better health outcomes
  • Improve communication, satisfaction and the patient experience

Would you like to learn how Ayogo’s Empower is having a positive impact on the patient experience?