For Providers

[half_col]Healthcare consumers spend 6-10 hours per year with their healthcare provider. Ayogo can help you empower them for the other 8,750 hours of the year.

Ayogo’s Empower™ platform allows healthcare organizations to support consumers with applications that they will actually use. Empower™ has been tested in real patient populations and shown to improve target health outcomes 200% over controls. Better health outcomes translate to better financial outcomes.

If you are an innovative healthcare leader in a healthcare system, speak to Ayogo about your patient centered digital services. We can help you improve the patient experience, help your patients better understand their condition, increase medication adherence and habituate new healthy habits.

Digital solutions can help you reduce readmissions, and improve patient self-efficacy.



  • Improve outcomes from habituating daily health habits.
  • Reduce the risk of acute episodes or readmissions.
  • Simplify communication and reminders.