Today’s educators are facing a mental health crisis. Starling Minds is changing how education associations can affordably act upon the mental health challenges of its members. It equips associations to provide proactive, and personalized support that’s educator-specific.

How we're different

Starling Minds digital mental health program is unlike traditional mental health support.

Our powerful digital platform provides knowledge, tools, and techniques to support, empathize with, and rehabilitate educators who are coping with stress, anxiety, and depression when they need it most.

World-class Digital Program:
immediate, unlimited and personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), accessible 24/7 without the need for an appointment.

Built for Teachers:
built for educators’ personalities; learning styles, and the scenarios they face.

Organization Culture Shift:
reduce mental health stigma, and normalize support for teachers struggling with stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Reporting & insights:
understand top stressors, and measure your impact.

Outcomes for education associations

The most innovative education associations turn to us to provide programming, training, and support that give their leaders tools to cultivate a more constructive organizational conversation regarding mental health.


Report reduced stress, anxiety, and depression


Increase in Educator’s confidence to do their jobs


Improvement in depression and anxiety scores

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Some of the most innovative education associations have started working with us to provide unparalleled support to their educators and transform the organizational culture around mental health.

Starling Minds is a rescue remedy for me. It rescued me when I couldn’t breathe through their breath work videos.
Joanne Draper
My life is better because of Starling Minds. This program is helping so many people cope with stress and anxiety.
Harry Swan

Learn how we can help your organization be mentally resilient.

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