The role of Educators has never been more important, nor more challenging. 

Starling Minds is a leading science-based mental health platform, and training to cultivate a supportive, empathetic organizational culture when it comes to mental health.

How we're different

Unlimited Access 

Provide immediate, unlimited, and personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for every member of your organization and their immediate family – accessible 24/7 without the need for an appointment.

Built for Teachers

Address the current mental health crisis teachers face with proven tools and a supportive environment designed for their unique challenges.

Equips You to Confidently Lead Your Organization

Training and tools to help you foster a culture of empathy, care, and positive morale, and navigate the big challenges facing today’s leaders.

Reporting & Insights That Drive Change

Understand what top stressors are affecting your team, and gain valuable insight into what positively impacts your team’s mental environment.

Starling Minds: proven results for your organization


of Starling Mind users report reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.


of Starling Minds users increase their confidence to do their jobs as Educators.

What your colleagues are saying

Assistant Director of Health and Wellness Program Coordinator, Education Association
What education associations are saying:​

"I track participation and satisfaction rating in Starling. Members are very, very happy with the program. It's amazing to know that 86% of our members move up the mental health continuum after using Starling Minds."

Vice Principal​
What educators are saying:​

"Each day, when I work with our students with developmental delays, we practice the strategic breathing practices I've learned in Starling, and it is a highlight to the day. I can return to my duties, feeling confident, and refreshed."

    Starling Minds helps you build a mentally resilient organization

    The most innovative education associations turn to us to provide digital tools, training, and support to cultivate a more constructive organizational environment and address the current Educator mental health crisis.

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