What we do

Educating is one of today’s most demanding and stressful professions. Educators report unmet mental health care needs due to stigma, cost, time, and geographic challenges. We help educators manage and rehabilitate from stressors they face on the job.

Our digital mental health program delivers immediate, unlimited, and personalized digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) support, and training to help teachers build the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to better manage stress, anxiety, and burnout.

For organizations, our programming, training, and support give your leaders key tools they need to cultivate constructive conversations and facilitate a positive, supportive culture regarding mental health.

How we are different

With 10+ years of experience, our educatorcentric approach delivers highly scalable, engaging and effective support and training built for teachers, their personality types, and learning styles. We personalize and tailor support
This language and the videos in the program have really resonated with me.
– Administrator
My life is better because of Starling Minds. This program is helping so many people cope with stress and anxiety.
by integrating educator-specific content, reallife stories, situations, examples, and community polls and forums educators can resonate with, creating stronger, more genuine connections and engagement with them.
Starling Minds is a rescue remedy for me. It rescued me when I couldn’t breathe through their breath work videos.
– Teacher
The community is amazing. I really appreciate being part of a community where I feel accepted and understood.
– Administrator

Why we work

Built for Teachers

Our solution delivers personalized and tailored support and content specific to teachers

Cultural Shift

Our approach fosters a culture of empathy, care, and safety to normalize support for teachers struggling with stress, anxiety, and burnout


Our solution delivers world-class, dynamic support that is accessible 24/7, anytime and anywhere without a need to book an appointment

What our impact is


Report improvement in daily stress management


Feel more resilient after using Starling


Improvement in anxiety scores


Improvement in depression scores

What our key features are


Guides a teacher through their daily training session

Training sessions

Module sessions deliver three to four key concepts or exercises in 10-minute, bite-sized experiences to build mental resilience


Shows current energy levels, resilience, anxiety, and depression from check up questions & training tracks


Provides support, encouragement and understanding that each teacher is not alone on their journey

Mental Toolbox

Set of tools to help a teacher set realistic goals, track their progress, balance negative thoughts, and regulate moods

How we work

Teacher-Specific Support

Deliver more personalized mental health support that resonates with specific job functions

Peer Support

Connect teachers with peers anonymously for encouragement and inspiration

Reporting & Insights

Gain powerful new insights on when teachers are most engaged, top stressors, and overall health to drive smarter policy decisions

Easy to Launch

Guided through a familiar process to ensure your success, from launch to program management
It’s amazing to know that 86% of our members move up the mental health continuum after using Starling Minds.
-Assistant Director Health and Wellness Program Coordinator, Education Association

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