Gamifying Behavior Change – How to Engage Through Technology

Patrick Moody-Grisby
Game design expert and Ayogo’s Creative Director, Patrick Moody-Grisby, will be speaking on the panel of the workshop:
• Gamifying Behavior Change—How to Engage Through Technology
• Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016
• 1:30–3:30pm

Ayogo is currently applying their knowledge beyond the realm of healthcare, using the principles of gamified behaviour change to tackle the problem of wasteful energy consumption. The fields of Behavioural Psychology and Behavioural Economics present clear evidence that we humans aren’t as rational as we’d like to believe, but new developments in technology and data visualization provide hope that we can identify and modify our behaviours to see improved outcomes.

Ayogo is currently developing a game to reduce energy consumption that:

  • Combines consumption data from your smart meter
  • Includes real-world footprint-reducing quests
  • Introduces a supportive player community to help reduce electricity consumption across the province.

Patrick will be sharing valuable insights from this project and will also clear up misconceptions and pitfalls around the term gamification.

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