Are you screwing up your patient engagement strategy?

Solution: Be Useful. Be Delightful.

IMS Published patient apps for improved healthcare.  At first glance, the extraordinary number of health apps (22,000+) seems overwhelming, but as the utility of the patient or HCC-facing apps declines, so do the numbers.  The reality is, it’s expensive and difficult to make useful apps.

The most startling result of all is that the top 5 applications resulted in 15% of all installs.

What distinguished those top five applications?  They were both useful AND delightful.

1. Outcomes. Outcomes. Outcomes.

If you are concerned about Meaningful Use measures such as Patient Satisfaction, you know producing outcomes requires behavior change and that kind of engagement costs real money.

2. Switching. Persistence. Renewals.

Many on the customer engagement and innovation side of healthcare are struggling to engage patients and support them with medication persistence and treatment adherence. Apps that are patient-centered are useful, not just educational.

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